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Our team and I have been on the market for a long time, since 1996. We have thousands of satisfied customers who recommend us to their friends and family every day. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable seller and supplier. The main direction of our company is the wholesale of nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits, seeds and legumes, which we supply from around the world.

Over many years of work, we have acquired reliable partners and loyal associates, thanks to whom you can buy from us: Turkish delight, marshmallow, nuts in chocolate, nuts in sugar, nuts in sesame and much more.

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About us

About us

We work only with trusted suppliers and directly without intermediaries. We cooperate with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Iran, China, India, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, Armenia and other countries.

Our company is always growing, we do not stand still and try to always develop. We have launched our production, we are expanding the list of suppliers, the list of our partners, we are independently testing different products before adding them to our assortment. In our assortment there is only a high-quality and proven product, all this is due to our close cooperation with partners.

Our large team is looking forward to long-term cooperation with old and future partners. We are always open to new offers and only want to expand in the niche we have chosen.

Our goal in this market is to openly communicate with our customers and tell them only the truth, if the product is bad, it means that it is bad and will not get into our assortment. We believe that a responsible approach on our part will lead us to a happy future for our company. We are convinced that if we find an individual approach to each of our clients, he will definitely come back to us. Х

Advantage advantage

Quality assurance

Always only a quality product

Own production

Some of the products have their own production

A wide range of

Large selection of nuts, dried fruits, and more

The customer is always right

Individual approach to each client

Best offer

The best offer on the principle of price / quality

Own production own production


We ourselves produce fruit marshmallows, using only the freshest, hand-selected apricots, apples, plums, grapes and other fruits grown in the sunny fields of the fertile lands of the Republic of Tajikistan


Lovingly grown tomatoes come to us straight from Tajikistan, then we carefully check the vegetables and dry them so that you can enjoy the best dried tomatoes


We have our own production of grape leaves, which you later use to prepare delicious and healthy dishes. Our main assistant is the vineyards of Tajikistan


A novelty for our customers: large black raisins "Fingers", which our team carefully grows in our own vineyard


For our prunes, we grow plums ourselves, waiting for perfect ripening and accumulation of nutrients. After that, we carefully select only the best fruits, and dry them on professional equipment in full compliance with the technology.

CTM private label

NutsPro provides the opportunity to issue private labels for large network clients.

But why? A private label for retail chains can bring up to 20-30% savings with increased customer loyalty. NutsPro professionals know everything about it, you just have to contact us and turn this powerful sales tool to your company's benefit.

More about CTM


1) The possibility of selling a high quality product under your brand name. This builds customer confidence and brand recognition. People will come to you again to buy exactly your product.

2) We offer you an advantageous combination of price and high quality.

3) Our specialists accompany projects from the decision-making stage to the start of work. We are ready to help you with solving any problems, including the selection of an assortment.

4) Our team strictly adheres to the specification and controls the entire production process as much as possible. No unpleasant surprises.

5) The system of adapted pricing allows for a flexible financial policy.

We provide a huge range of eco-products for private labels. More than 500 positions are always available for you!

Choosing a private label from our company, you get products whose quality has been achieved through many years of work of a huge number of specialists, correctly selected and time-tested equipment, a long search for reliable and decent suppliers, long-term contracts with which, in turn, allow us to maintain attractive prices for you. prices.

We offer a wide range of design solutions in order to form an up-to-date and original brand concept. Our team has developed a variety of packaging formats, depending on the specification and requirements: kraft bag with zip-lock, gusset, pillow and many other options.

We believe that the secret of success lies in maintaining a competitive price and the highest possible quality of products. And we use the same approach in STM: high quality, inexpensive, and also beautiful. This is exactly what customers around the world appreciate!


Partners partners

Our company has been on the market for a long time and we have developed a large number of different schemes of cooperation with any organizations, companies and individual entrepreneurs. Therefore, we offer you cooperation on the most favorable terms with well-thought-out interaction schemes.

To learn more about the supply and conditions for purchasing the company's products, please contact the sales department or leave a request in the feedback form in the "Contacts" block. We will definitely help you decide on the assortment and volumes based on the information you provide about your company.


Why is it profitable and convenient to cooperate with us?

1) Large assortment and all product information.

2) High-quality, certified products, manufactured in compliance with the specification and strict control of the entire production process.

3) A standard package of documents, such as a consignment note, an invoice, a copy of the declaration of conformity.

4) Providing a deferred payment from 14 to 30 banking days.

5) We work both with VAT and without it.

6) Discounts on certain items of goods when ordering large volumes and orders on an ongoing basis.

7) Best price guarantee for our products.

8) Order processing within a few hours, shipment from our warehouse.

9) Delivery around the city and to the nearest districts and regions for free.

Retail Buyers

You will be able to purchase weight and packaged products in large or small wholesale.

And retail. To do this, you just need to call the manager and place an order, and when you arrive at the warehouse, pay for it on the spot and immediately pick it up already assembled and packaged.

Our suppliers


Part of our production is located in Uzbekistan, where we have our own orchards with grapes, apricots, apples, prunes.

Uzbekistan occupies a leading position among suppliers of dried fruits and nuts of the highest quality. Due to the difficult economic situation, farms engaged in food production cannot afford to use chemical fertilizers. This fact makes dried fruits and nuts grown in Uzbekistan environmentally friendly and incredibly healthy.


Our most important source of high quality and delicious dried apricots and apricots. The secret lies in the climate - heat and low humidity contribute to the fact that the sugar content of apricots, and as a result, dried apricots, reaches an ideal level for production. In addition to the climate, the traditional way of drying apricots also makes a serious contribution to the quality of dried apricots: drying occurs naturally, in the shade, and without the use of anhydride.


It is this country that is the supplier of high-grade almonds, pistachios and dates. These products are grown in a natural environment without the use of any fertilizers and are purely organic. Iranian-made products comply with international food quality standards and are recognized as the best in the world in terms of taste.


Delivers to many countries red raisins "Afghani" from grapes of dark varieties of incredibly high quality. These are products of the Eurosort category, as drying takes place without exposure to direct sunlight and extraneous odors, in rooms specially created for this. This is what ensures the optimal level of humidity and maximum safety of vitamins and other nutrients.


High quality, excellent taste and long shelf life of candied fruits specially for our customers from a recognized world leader in the supply of exotic fruits.


From here we supply rice and peanuts of excellent quality, accompanied by phytosanitary certificates that meet world standards.


From this Asian country, we supply you with mangoes rich in minerals, trace elements and antioxidants.


Our suppliers in Thailand produce excellent mangoes and candied fruits, which are delivered to you after careful selection.


From this South American country, excellent Brazil nuts are supplied to us, which the inhabitants of the country of the Statue of Christ produce strictly observing all the technologies of growing and harvesting.


And this country, also located in South America, gave us incredibly sweet Chilean walnuts. They are very easy to clean, and because of their flavor characteristics, they run out very quickly.

Tunisia and Algeria

From countries bordering the great Sahara desert, we supply you with excellent African dates, which you definitely cannot confuse with anything.


Is our supplier of dried apricots, pistachios and Turkish Delight. All products are certified, and their delivery and storage meet all the requirements for food products.


It supplies a unique wild mountain walnut, which is of the highest quality, compared to walnuts grown in the plains or in hot areas by at least 30% in all respects: vitamin content, fat content, etc.


It produces and supplies high-quality hazelnuts, and we, in turn, have selected the best suppliers to delight you with the best product.


Gives us the opportunity to enjoy dried Armenian peaches, and first-class pears. Our suppliers from Armenia guarantee strict observance of all technological processes of production and transportation.

Regions of Russia

Krasnodar region

It is from there that high-quality hazelnuts are supplied for you. Excellent climatic conditions gave it a low degree of humidity change, a minimum percentage of shriveled and moldy kernels - about 0.3% of the total mass, as well as high quality and great taste.

Altai region

From the cedar pines growing in this region, upon reaching full maturity, the Altai pine nut is harvested. Only high-quality and calibrated walnuts with a valuable oil content of up to 70% go on sale.


We offer our customers only certified and high-quality products that comply with environmental and sanitary and epidemiological standards, with a guarantee of the preservation of their presentation and taste. In this we are helped by warehouses equipped with special refrigeration and ventilation equipment and, as a result, ensuring the correct temperature regime in compliance with sanitary standards and rules during transportation and storage.

About us

Our company was founded back in 1996 and the main activity is the wholesale of nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits, seeds and legumes, which we supply from around the world.

In addition to the above, we are also ready to offer you oriental sweets: Turkish delight, marshmallow, nuts in chocolate, sugar, sesame and much more.

We produce a huge list of products abroad ourselves, and we also work with suppliers from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Iran, China, India and many other countries.

We try to maintain uninterrupted supply of the entire range, so we try to constantly expand the circle of suppliers and partners.

Partnerships with suppliers developed and tested over the years are a reliable guarantee of the quality of goods supplied by our company for almost three decades.

We are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, and therefore we guarantee each of our clients an individual approach, ideal conditions and a competitive price. Х

Health is stronger

Improves the condition of the cardiovascular system

Skin condition is better

Helps to get rid of dermatological problems, and also fight aging

Why should you eat nuts?

The fight against excess weight

Harmonizes carbohydrate metabolism and protects against diabetes

Great for sleep

Promote healthy and proper sleep

Raises the emotional state

Excellent antidepressant - reduces nervous tension, improves mental activity, memory

are already cooperating with us