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It is customary to call peanuts a nut, although in fact this is not true. Common peanuts, or groundnuts, are annuals from the legume family.

Useful properties of peanuts:

   Peanuts have a calming effect with increased nervous excitability, helps with insomnia, restores loss of strength, increases the sexual potency of men and women.

Peanut seeds are useful for children with hemorrhagic diathesis, in which there is a sharp decrease in blood clotting and multiple hemorrhages. The seed emulsion is taken orally for pain in the stomach and intestines.

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Shelled peanuts


Shelled peanutsDelicious and crunchy, peanuts are perhaps one of the most famous crops masquerading as nuts. Peanuts are tasty, inexpensive, and quite a healthy treat. It is able t..

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