Natural dried apricots (chocolate)


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Dried apricots (chocolate) natural Tajikistan to buy in Yekaterinburg (EKB) inexpensively in the online store NATSPRO.

Dried apricots (kaisa) are chocolate, in another way they are also called dark dried apricots or organic. It is this species that contains a smaller amount of harmful substances and the largest number of useful components. Dark dried apricots, which everyone should buy to replenish the supply of vitamins in the body, contains B vitamins, pectin, potassium, iron, various acids and other useful components.

 Due to its composition, dried apricots have a beneficial effect on the human body, namely:

- dried apricot is rich in fiber of both known types - soluble and insoluble. Of particular importance for the human body is fiber, which dissolves to a jelly-like substance that can bind with fatty acids and remove them from the body, thereby lowering cholesterol levels;

- dried apricot is a very good source of iron, which makes it an indispensable product in the diet of people suffering from anemia.

Looking for where to buy dried apricots in Yekaterinburg? Do you want to purchase a truly environmentally friendly product at attractive prices? In the NATSPRO online store you will find everything you need for a high-quality balanced diet. We sell Turkish dried apricots. Cash and bank transfer is possible. Delivery across EKB and Russia is valid.

Dried apricots are one of the most popular dried fruits to eat, it can be eaten by almost all people, except for those who are allergic to this product or a certain disease, in which it is not recommended to eat dried apricots in large quantities.

The benefits of dried apricots for the body are quite large. Therefore, the product is recommended to be consumed by almost everyone. Dried fruit has the following medicinal properties:

Diuretic (the broth removes sand and stones from the kidneys, prevents their appearance);

Diet (recommended for obese people, the daily rate is no more than 30 grams);

Thinning agents (pectin thins the blood, prevents blood clots);

Pain relievers (helps with headaches).

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